So I played my first 3 comp games in TF2. Heavy game was good but I did pretty bad on Scout and Demo. Any way to fix this?


Other than lobbies, PUGs or mixes, here’s some things I’ve heard:


For Demo, I heard going into pubs and working on your pipes and sticky prediction, trap setting and spamming (as much as pubs hate it) is all good. MGE and DM is also another option. Demo’s one of those classes that involve some practice in terms of outputting the damage right, especially if you’re doing 6s or you’re the offensive carry and not Heavy in Highlander. Then there’s rolling out which is a whole other bag of tricks and jumping practice. I would ask arandumdude or floating-head more about this since they main Demoman.


For Scout, I heard DM servers are pretty good to work on your aim and damage. In 6v6, good comms and synergy with the other Scout on whether you two are going into a flank or a front, or whether you’re rotating passive and aggro is good to have. If you’re a Highlander Scout, working well with your Soldier on flanks (unless it’s Payload) will pretty much have the same effect. Run Mad Milk and Boston Basher, Mad Milk for healing mini-crits for team (especially on KOTH maps) and Boston Basher to help Medic grind. loxy-ralonde or fork-a-nature would probably know way more than I do since they main Scout. 

cullengray and drjeremy could probably tell you a thing or two as well for various competitive playstyles for any class, and for Pyros criticalflawcaptainoppa and tascenda have some intermediate to advanced knowledge on the terrifying demon of competitive. 

I’d be happy to help anyone out. I love to talk about teh videogamez.



The medals for season 2 of Tumblr vs Reddit just made it into the most recent patch of TF2! And holy bread teleporting jesus they look beautiful

Important things to note are that we will be sending medals to winners throughout the week. If some get them sooner than others please don’t fret! Just chill out and you’ll have your shiny and paintable (after the next patch that is) medal! 

Anyway that’s all for now! Have a beautiful morning, day, or night folks! 


I got one! They’re so cool! Woo!

- Froggoid

Here’s a short video. Plat here I come…

Hello! My first frag video! Enjoy this collection of clips taken from various Tumblr vs Reddit show matches. 

- Froggoid


Octavia has a baby kitten!

Octavia also rediscovered that she has a webcam and is really good at making dumb faces

Here’s my adorable girlfriend and our baby kitty. The kitties name is Suki. :3


Your fan favourites live and breathe through the energy of the memes, the strength of good videos, and the cunning of sweet guitar jams.  


im nervous about playing on tf2center because ill be shit and everyone will get mad at me


Hey there, don’t worry about it! There’s a lot of anxiousness over joining lobbies because of all the shitty things you hear about happening from TF2Center and how unfriendly they seem - even I haven’t done lobbies in a while - but don’t let that stop you. You only improve if you get into the swing of things!

Now, let’s go over some things:

First: TF2Center is good but it’s bad. There will always be bad eggs in TF2Center. Any lobby-based system always has bad eggs. Mention you’re new when you go in and most people will try and help out. You wouldn’t eat a bad egg, so don’t mind what they say.

Second: stack. Stack with friends, stack with a teammate. Read this for more information on why that’s really helpful when you’re going into TF2Center, it’s got some ways to cope with the bad and enjoy the good. 

I’m sure I’ve got a couple of people following me who can offer some more comprehensive advice about playing lobbies and whatnot. Here’s a few of my friends/teammates who would be good to fire questions at too:

tascenda (HL Pyro, 6v6 Medic/Scout)
aRandumDude (HL/6v6 Demo)
loxy-ralonde (6v6 Scout/Sniper, HL Demo) 
cullengray (6v6 Pocket, HL Spy)

I’d be happy to help if anyone wants to add me. My steam page is on my tumblr. I like coaching people. I play a lot of videogamez. :3
- Froggoid

Fabio Poop Dripping Festival


Assassin’s Creed Unity E3 2014 trailer.

Song is “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Lorde (cover of Tears for Fears).

Oh damn.


Gifts for friends!

The pretty purple Pyro is Pudding Cup, and the Heavy touching my butt is Meatstakk.  The dapper frog is the aptly named Froggoid, and the animal-loving Sniper is Alfa.